Why Do You Need to Hire a Divorce Lawyer?

divorce lawyer

Why would you need to hire a divorce lawyer?

When marriages are ending, it can be exceptionally difficult for all the parties involved. Individuals going through divorce deal with both emotional trauma and fears about how their life will go once their divorce is finalized.

The legal guidelines that surround divorce lead to additional concerns, and questions like “do I need a divorce lawyer to file for divorce?” and “what can a divorce lawyer really help me with?” Luckily, the divorce lawyers at Blake & Associates Law Firm are here to answer all of your questions and provide you with exceptional divorce representation.

Do I really need a divorce lawyer?

In most divorce cases, speaking with a qualified divorce lawyer, like at Blake & Associates Law Firm in Augusta, about your legal options and how the divorce process works can reduce some of the anxiety of the unknown. Divorce lawyers can help advise you on how to best protect your rights and interests, especially if you and your spouse don’t agree about how to resolve your divorce settlement. Below are some of the reasons you’d consider talking to a divorce lawyer at Blake & Associates Law Firm in Augusta.

When should you talk to a divorce lawyer?

  • You want to file for divorce
  • You think you want to file for divorce, but want to understand your options
  • You’ve been served with divorce papers
  • Your spouse is consulting with a divorce attorney
  • You think your spouse wants a divorce & may be intentionally hiding or spending your marital assets.

Why should you consider hiring a divorce lawyer?

Divorce is a process that dissolves a legal partnership between two people. The kind of legal representation you need when faced with divorce depends on the complexity of that partnership. The more complex your divorce, the greater need you will have for a divorce attorney like at Blake & Associates Law Firm in Augusta. The divorce lawyers at Blake & Associates Law Firm will protect your rights and interests. Some considerations when evaluating how complex you expect your divorce process to be:

  • Assets & Property. The more property you and your spouse own, the more complex it will be to value and divide those assets. This can include savings, real estate, investments, retirement, business interests and so on.
  • Children. If you and your spouse have minor children together, you will need to resolve any child custody issues in your divorce either through negotiations or trial.
  • Support. The necessity of financial support of a spouse (alimony) or minor children (child support) can dramatically increase the complexity of your divorce.

Understand what you’re agreeing to when consulting with a divorce lawyer.

Often the quick and easy or cheap, DIY divorces you see advertised can result in a settlement agreement that you may not fully understand. If you’ve agreed to something unknowingly, divorce settlements and parenting plans can be difficult and expensive to modify after the divorce is final, and you’ll end up hiring a divorce lawyer anyway.

The services of a divorce lawyer, like the attorneys at Blake & Associates Law Firm in Augusta, at the beginning of the divorce process can help ensure that you don’t agree to anything you don’t understand. It’s the divorce lawyers’ job to explain everything outlined in the divorce documents before you sign.

Divorce lawyers help you resolve issues you may not be aware of.

The divorce lawyers at Blake & Associates Law Firm in Augusta can make sure that your divorce settlement addresses every issue pertinent to your situation, both big and small. During a DIY divorce process, people often overlook issues such as future college costs for children, tax issues, division of retirement assets, parenting plan contingencies, proper allocation of debts and other concerns. The divorce lawyers at Blake & Associates Law Firm in Augusta will be able to identify and ensure that your divorce settlement addresses all the issues.

Is it safe to file for divorce without a divorce lawyer?

If your marriage lasted a very short time, you and your spouse have no children, are not pregnant, have minimal assets, no major debt and agree on all the terms of divorce, the risks of divorcing without a divorce lawyer are much lower, but still a possibility.

In most cases however, divorces are not that simple. Consulting with a divorce lawyer can provide a wealth of information you may not have known. Representation from a divorce lawyer can ensure that the divorce settlement you receive will protect you now and well into the future, especially if your case involves property or children.

Many family law and divorce cases can be complex, and each are different. Everyone has unique circumstances, but the divorce attorneys at Blake & Associates Law Firm are here to help you. Blake & Associates Law Firm in Augusta proudly serves the CSRA. Contact our divorce lawyers at Blake & Associates Law Firm and allow us to assist you through your divorce process.