What Makes a Military Divorce Different?

Even under the best of circumstances, divorce can be frustrating, stressful, and perplexing. Being a member of the military makes it even more so and adds the complexity of both duty and possibly distance. To help navigate these difficult waters, you need an attorney who is experienced in handling divorces with military families. A sympathetic military divorce lawyer can provide the insight, guidance, and legal representation to help you and your spouse reach an equitable outcome.

Why It Is Important To Have Experienced Council During A Military Divorce

  • Jurisdictional Factors — Because members of the miltary can be located virtually anywhere, the jurisdiction of the case can be an important hurdle to overcome. Our Augusta divorce lawyers at Blake and Detchemendy Law Firm are licensed in multiple states and we are experienced in determining appropriate jurisdiction.
  • Equitable Division of Military Benefits — How Military Pension and Retirement Benefits are allocated in a divorce settlement differ greatly from a standard 401(k) or civilian pension. Having a team of lawyers working on your case that is experienced in the myriad factors involved becomes not only a great asset, but a necessity.
  • PTSD and Other Psychological Issues — There are any number of problems a member of the military may have endured or encountered while serving. We work closely with various support groups to make sure our military clients are getting treatment for any underlying issues which may have contributed to the divorce.
  • Children and Parenting Issues — Military members are required to move for their changing duty stations so frequently that often a typical joint parenting arrangement is not feasible. The divorce lawyers at Blake and Detchemendy work to ensure a reasonable parenting plan is established for your family.
  • Distance From Home and Community Support — We realize our military divorce clients are probably not from the Augusta, Georgia area. They likely have no other family or community roots close by and may feel isolated and solitary during the divorce process. We understand how difficult this time can be and work to ensure our clients receive the support they need.

Discuss your Case with a Military Divorce Lawyer Today

Our divorce attorneys at Blake and Detchemendy Law Firm have many years of experience handling the factors that accompany military divorces. We have knowledgeable, insightful answers to the many questions you will have. We will provide the counsel you seek and help you to reach the best possible resolution.

Being based in Augusta, Georgia puts Blake and Detchemendy Law Firm in close proximity to the men and women in uniform stationed at Fort Gordon and puts us within a phone call or short drive to start the attorney-client relationship you need in order to begin this difficult journey. You can also reach out to us by completing the form on this page so we will know how to get started.

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