7 Signs You Should Hire a Child Custody Lawyer

child custody lawyer

There’s nothing as heartbreaking as seeing your own children in the middle of a battle between you and your ex. As much as you’d like to keep them out of it, any children between you and your ex will inevitably be placed in the middle of it all. The best thing you can do is prevent them from dealing with any unnecessary stress or extra heartache.

As time goes on and your case progresses, you may start to question if you need a child custody lawyer or not. How can a lawyer help your child custody case in Augusta, Georgia? Is it worth hiring one, and how will I know when it’s time to do so?

There are several signs that you should hire the best child custody lawyer to take on your case. Knowing what those signs are is the first step. Continue reading below to learn what these signs are to help you decide if you should hire a lawyer soon.

1. There are Complications With Your Case

In the beginning stages of the case, everything may seem simple and easy-going. Some cases are easy for both parents because the two exes are able to come to agreements on just about everything. Other times, new complications will arise as the case progresses.

If you’ve noticed some surprise complications along the way, then it could be time to contact a lawyer. An example of common complications in the case could be when an ex agrees with you about something but then changes their mind. Now there’s a problem if the two of you can’t come to a new agreement.

A child custody lawyer can help you get the best possible outcome.

2. Your Ex Has Their Own Lawyer

Does your ex have a lawyer on their side? If you know or believe your ex is working with a lawyer, then don’t hesitate to hire your own immediately. Lawyers understand how the court system works and know the laws in your specific state.

All of this information is then brought together to create a good case for yourself. Without a lawyer by your side, you might not know how to present your case the way you’d like to and if your ex has a lawyer helping them put theirs together, then you’ll want a lawyer helping you with yours.

3. You’re Concerned for Your Children’s Wellbeing

If you believe your children are in danger when with your ex, then contacting a lawyer to help you is essential. If you believe your children are in immediate danger, then never hesitate to contact 911. When it comes to believing your ex is unable to provide them with a safe environment or believe they’re abusive, a child custody lawyer can help you.

Unfortunately, there are some people who’ll make false allegations about their ex to try to win custody. Making any false allegations can be detrimental to your case. Always be honest and provide your lawyer with as much information about the situation as possible.

They’ll then know the right moves to make to ensure they present this information to the court correctly.

4. You’re Dealing With Two States

Do you and your ex live in different states or countries? If so, this can further complicate things. Navigating a divorce and child custody case is difficult enough.

When you add in another state and its laws, it can get even more confusing. Whenever you’re dealing with an inter-jurisdictional case, it’s recommended to hire a lawyer to help you navigate it.

5. Your Unfamiliar With Family Law

If you’re going to take on your child custody case alone, then you’ll need to prepare to conduct a lot of research on family law. You should be familiar with all laws that relate to your specific case. On top of your research, you’ll need to be sure to keep your court dates, paperwork, and deadlines organized.

A lawyer will understand how to handle your case because they’re familiar with the laws and how to keep everything organized. They’re also there to be your advocate, which means you can relax and have some peace of mind knowing your case is in good hands.

6. Your Ex Won’t Allow You to See the Children

If your ex isn’t allowing you to see your children, then it’s time to consider a lawyer. Not allowing you to contact your children, canceling at the last minute, or denying you your parental rights altogether are all signs that you need a lawyer.

If you are experiencing any of these issues with your ex, then do be sure to document everything. Keep records of anything you can to prove that your ex is preventing you from seeing your children. Give all of these documents to your lawyer.

7. You Believe Your Ex Will Try to Prove You Unfit

Sometimes, one person will try to prove the other parent unfit. If you believe your ex may try to prove you as an unfit parent, then stay on top of the game and have a lawyer ready to support you. Parents who once struggled with drug or alcohol abuse are more prone to having the other parent prove them unfit.

An experienced lawyer will help you prove to the court that you’re a fit parent and are capable of taking on the responsibility.

Can a Child Custody Lawyer Help You?

After reading through this guide, do you believe a child custody lawyer could help you? If you’re unfamiliar with family law and want an experienced lawyer by your side to represent you, then don’t hesitate to contact Agusta Family Lawyer.

Our experienced lawyers will gladly help you craft a child custody agreement that serves the needs of your children and you as well. Contact us today to schedule your consultation.