7 Reasons to Hire an Adoption Lawyer in Georgia

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Did you know that there are over 100,000 children waiting for adoption?

Adoption provides a chance for loving parents to bring an underprivileged child into their home. It’s an excellent way to give back to the world while experiencing the joys of parenthood. But despite the massive need for adoptive parents, the adoption process is far from a cakewalk.

In fact, you may need to hire an adoption lawyer to help you with the process. It might not be the first thought on your mind, but you’d be surprised how this can aid you in adoption cases.

Join us as we discuss the 7 reasons to hire an adoption lawyer in Georgia.

1. An Adoption Lawyer Understands the Intricacies of Georgia’s Adoption Law

It’s no secret that adoption can be notoriously difficult, even for good parents in strong financial standing. An adoption agency has stringent requirements. This ensures that only serious parents take on adoptive children.

The law in Georgia is no exception. There are two types of adoption in Georgia:

  • Agency adoption: parents relinquish their rights to an adoption agency, which then consents to give guardianship to new parents
  • Non-agency adoption: this is where the parents of the child relinquish their rights to another set of parents for adoption

It comes as no surprise that this entire process is fraught with emotion and heartbreak. Some adoptive parents are reluctant to give up their rights. Agencies may force children to spend long periods of time waiting until they find a home.

An adoption lawyer understands these intricacies. They’ve done this before many times, and they’ll do it again with ease. They know all there is to know about family law, and so they’ll guide you through the process.

2. An Adoption Lawyer Can Facilitate and Expedite the Adoption Process

Adoption cases can be protracted over the course of months and years. There are fees to pay, endless paperwork, and home studies. You may go long periods without any news or updates.

An adoption lawyer, given that they know the law, knows how to speed things up. They know what things you’ll need to do to impress the judge and/or the adoption agency. They can help you build the strongest case for why you should be the parents.

An adoption lawyer can provide words of peace and comfort when the wait becomes unbearable. They can reassure you of your decision and remind you of how close you really are to success.

3. An Adoption Lawyer May Have Connections

Networking is everything in law, and lawyers know a lot of people. To do their jobs well, they need to have friends in sundry places. This social network helps them to get accurate information and call in favors from time to time.

Chances are, your adoption lawyer may know someone in the agency. They could convince that person to speed up your application or increase your chances.

Without their assistance, you’re on your own. You will be on a list among thousands of applicants who are just as motivated as you are.

4. An Adoption Lawyer Knows How to Navigate Setbacks

It’s all too common for adoptive parents to go through all the hoops, only to get denied. That, or setbacks in their adoption placement process delay progress indefinitely.

Your adoption lawyer has likely seen a thousand cases like your own. They’ll provide the legal expertise you need to overcome obstacles along the way.

5. An Adoption Lawyer Provides the Necessary Legal Representation

Part of the adoption process is appearing in court. Like every other step of this process, it’s in your interest to put your best foot forward. You need to make an impression on the judge and prove why you’ll be the best parents.

Just as in any court case, lawyers know how to argue with family law. They’re experts in all the minutia that decides cases in Georgia. Without their help, you’d have to take on this case alone.

6. An Adoption Lawyer Makes Sure Your Documents Are in Order

The adoption process is not unlike applying to college in some ways. You shoot your shot, then wait long, aggravating periods for an answer. An adoption agency can pick from hundreds of worthy candidates just like you.

Submitting all the documents (and doing so in a timely fashion) increases your chances of success. Your lawyer will also guide you step-by-step through all the legalese. They’ll make a note of any fine-print stipulations you may not have noticed otherwise.

7. An Adoption Lawyer Can Help in the Event of a Dispute With the Birth Parents

Adoption placement is a heartbreaking affair where parents, for whatever reason, must give up their children. Sometimes, that attachment stays with them all their lives. In the depths of despair, they may turn to rash decisions to retrieve their child.

Legal conflicts with birth parents are a perennial issue in family law, and your adoption lawyer knows them well. While the law may be on your side, the birth parents may make things very hard on you. Your lawyer can ensure the law protects you from any legal retribution.

Find an Adoption Lawyer Today

Adoption cases are some of the most complicated and heartwrenching of their kind. From start to end, adoption placement puts strain on adoptive children and prospective parents. It’s essential to traverse these legal waters with the assistance of an adoption lawyer.

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