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Separation and divorce: the impact on a family

A Summary from Blake & Associates Law Firm

by Marcus Andrews

A family, like all living things, grows, develops, and constantly evolves over time. Changes to the family structure occur as a result of new members joining the family, either through marriage or the birth of children as well as the result of losing family members as loved ones pass away—or decide to leave.

It can be particularly difficult to cope with the changes to the family when it is through separation or divorce. How separation or divorce is handled is different for each person and there is not necessarily one right way of dealing with it. During these times of transition, it can be helpful to understand how separation and divorce can impact each individual in the family unit.

Divorce is basically the ending of a marriage, but the relationships involved include not only the spouses and children but also their extended families, such as in-laws. How do you address the impact of divorce upon all of the additional relationships that were created through the marriage?

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