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New Blended Family? Keep Your Child?s Personality Intact

A Summary from Blake & Associates Law Firm

Posted in Family Dynamics > Parenting Style

Blended families were more of a rarity in the past, but with statistics reporting upwards of 40% of couples ending up divorced and remarried, the obvious conclusion is that blended families are very much on the rise. This is something that takes place when partners agree but it doesn't rule out the possibility of problems just because all parties are in favor of it.

In a blended family, communication, negotiation, and co-living take on completely different meanings than in other households. This is especially difficult for children, who not only have to deal with their previous caretakers readjusting themselves differently; they have to deal with new siblings and step-parents. Because children are sensitive when it comes to any changes at the home level, significant changes in family structure can take their toll. If not handled well, this can cause tremendous negative impacts on their personality.

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