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How to Make Custody Less of a Battle, According to a Divorce Lawyer

A Summary from Blake & Associates Law Firm

By Steve Calechman

Most fathers fear the family courts and it’s not without good reason. For many years, dads were considered secondary caregivers and moms were given the full benefit of the doubt. But times are, thankfully, changing. So says Kara M. Bellew, a partner in the New York City firm, Rower LLC, who has been practicing family and matrimonial law since 2005. For the first nine years of her career, she was an advocate for domestic abuse victims. Now she’s in private practice where she often argues for fathers in divorce and custody cases. In her time during practice and studying family law, Bellew’s noticed more fathers fighting for more equal time in custody arrangements and, thanks to a better understanding of a father’s profound effect on his family, more judges are, in the right circumstances, deciding for more joint custody. But that doesn’t mean that custody battles are any less taxing between spouses.


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